Solve a Mystery / BE SOCIAL / Do ANYWHERE

Our EscapeTrails adventures are ideal to play with your friends, family or colleagues.  Choose from:

GPS escape game adventure

An outdoor socially distanced adventure with your pod!  Anyone can enjoy following the clues and solving the puzzles.  Our trails are great way to have fun and be social outdoors at the location that suits you!  We set up the game ANYWHERE you want.

Virtual @ home or office

Ideal for lockdown and for groups in different locations.  Our online virtual games are a great way for friends, family or colleagues to connect online.  You will be challenged as you use online tools, your powers of deduction and your observation skills to follow clues, solve puzzles and complete your mission.

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Complete your EscapeTrails adventure anywhere, anytime. Your own personalized GPS adventure when and where you want it. Compete with friends, family or colleagues in a unique experience. Part scavenger hunt and part escape game experience. Learn more about the adventure that awaits…