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Our EscapeTrails adventures are ideal to play with your friends, family or colleagues.  


Escape Trails combine the best parts of a scavenger hunt, city tour, and escape games to create a unique, fun and exciting urban adventure in the city.

Whether you are young or old, want to do it with friends, family or colleagues, an EscapeTrails adventure is one to remember. Experience the thrill of adventure, mystery, and intrigue as you become the main characters in an immersive storyline. Put your minds to the test, form deeper connections with family, friends, and colleagues and let the city become your playground.

In the meantime check out our remote online adventure (do from home or in the office) – Operation: Virus42.

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Solve a mystery, find the treasure or save the world!

EscapeTrails will relaunch in April 2022.
In the meantime take a look around. Check out our remote online adventure - Operation: Virus42.