Kids enjoying an EscapeTrail in Boston

Scavenger hunts are a hit with people of all ages. It is especially true with kids of any age. It improves their quest to succeed. It also makes them more observant and there is a fun element to it. There is a competition that gets the kids excited. It can be played almost anywhere, either inside the house in inclement weather or outside in the bright sun. You can even engage the kids in a scavenger hunt activity when you are traveling by car – and believe me this may buy some crucial time when the kids are not thinking about how long it is to the destination! 

The advantage of scavenger hunts over treasure hunts is that you don’t need the time to prepare the clues or the path to follow. In a scavenger hunt, all you need is a list of items and paper to write them on. The game can be played as individual players or teams competing against each other. You can even have one kid playing a scavenger hunt (and our son loves this, indoors or outdoors). It can be a game that excites the kids and keeps them engaged for a short period. Here are three ideas for children’s scavenger hunt.

A Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

You can have a door-to-door scavenger hunt where the kids go to different homes in the neighborhood and collect various articles on the scavenger list. This can be exciting when kids of the neighborhood are collected at your home. You can make it clear that their homes must be exempted from the homes that they knock at to collect the items. The items can be simple things like safety pins, ballpoint pen of a particular color, etc. 

You can also have an outdoor scavenger hunt in the neighborhood. In this, the kids can be asked to collect things from the backyards of the different houses without disturbing the people. Various things can be found in the backyard or at the local park. 

The Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is a good idea when the climate isn’t good for playing outdoors. This is even more exciting because there may be things in the house that are not easily accessible to the children. The game can even be played at places where you are waiting. You can even make the kids collect signatures from other people who are waiting there. Mention a few characteristics of these people – like those wearing glasses or those having a mustache. 

The Road-Trip Scavenger Hunt

This is one game that will keep your kids engaged in long road-trips where they may not find anything exciting. You can ask them to look for different alphabets in the road signs. You can ask them to count the number of water towers or pizza places on the way. They can even be tasked to count the number of cars in a particular color or truck with a certain number of wheels. 

You may also want to check out this article we wrote a little while ago about how to make great scavenger hunt clues.  


Alternatively if that seems a little too much work, why not try an EscapeTrail urban adventure which combines the best parts of a scavenger hunt, sightseeing and escape room all in one unique and fun experience.