Bored of going to the same places and doing the same thing? Want to do something a little more fun than just eating with your better half? Want to combine a little physical exercise (outside the bedroom!) and allow your brain to get a good workout to (without your boss having anything to do with it!)?

If you answered yes to any of these things then a Scavenger hunt type activity may actually be the perfect thing you are looking for……hang on, hold on, before you stop reading stay with me for just a moment more!

Below (in no particular order) are the top 5 reasons why a scavenger hunt is great for couples whether this is the first date or you have been together over 20 years.

REASON 1 – A little bit different

Let’s face it most of us have one or two experiences of completing a scavenger hunt but it is not something we do not do every day. It is also normally something we do in bigger groups. So just the suggestion of doing this will be a breath of fresh air and depending on where you decide you will do the scavenger hunt may actually mean you do get a breath of fresh air! So get your friends together and try a new activity that can be as fun for adults as it is for kids.

REASON 2 – A joint mission

Having a shared goal can be great for couples really good as it gives you both a purpose that you can work towards and achieve. It also automatically gives you a conversation topic which may be really good, whether this is the first date or even if you have been together for some time (we have all watched that couple in the restaurant across from us who do not seem to have spoken all night!).

REASON 3 – Forget other things

Sometimes we offload all our “stuff”, most of it negative, onto our better half., or often if it’s a new relationship we try our best not to in an attempt to seem positive and upbeat. A scavenger hunt gives you permission to forget or let go of these troubles (temporarily at least) while you focus on the tasks in hand! Leave those worries at the office and get outside for some good clean fun.

REASON 4 – Have some fun and come out of your shell

From experiencing new challenges while having fun normally requires you to at least partially step out of your comfort zone, whether this is on a roller coaster or on a scavenger hunt normally requires you to at least partially step out of your comfort zone a little. This gives you that little bit of an adrenaline shot that makes you feel a little bit more alive. If you are just starting out as a couple (or potential couple) this will allow your significant other to be a more relaxed so you can see a little more of their personality as they hide behind the fact that they are doing a scavenger hunt***. If you have been together for some time, then it may just allow you to act a little bit younger again!

REASON 5 – A shared memory

You will have a shared memory that you can talk about way into the future. Whether this is with each other or all your friends. Much better than reminiscing about that great starter and entree you had one that time!

Ok, I hear what your saying! How do we organise a scavenger hunt for just two people. Here are some suggestions:

  • Find one online together – don’t look too hard, sometimes half the fun is not knowing exactly what you are getting into. as this might make you filter too much!
  • Make one together where you suggest half of the tasks each – remember you have to do the ones you suggest also! Be careful not to descend into a game of dares.
  • May be the easiest way would just be downloading a city scavenger hunt app – there are plenty available with a quick search.

Alternatively, if you wanted something completely new and well planned, really cool to do you could consider one of our EscapeTrails. They combine the best elements of a scavenger hunt, with an escape room and sightseeing to create a unique urban adventure that allows you to have fun, explore the city and spend some quality time together!

***warning this may also mean they see more of the real you, this may be good or bad, however ultimately it means you can get to know each other much quicker than perhaps dinner at a restaurant or bowling!