An EscapeTrails urban adventure combines the best elements of a treasure hunt, scavenger hunt and escape game

A treasure hunt is an excellent game that will involve the use of both mental and memory power. This can be played by people of all ages and will be an excellent team-building activity for corporates. You can have the kids playing this either inside your house or in the neighborhood. The main advantage of the game is the huge flexibility it offers with regard to age and themes of the game.

An EscapeTrail is a great urban adventure and combines the best elements of a treasure hunt, scavenger hunt and escape game.  One of our themes is actually to find the long lost treasure!  However, we realize that sometimes it is fun to make your own adventure, we suppose that is why we love our jobs so much.  Therefore we have outlined some top tips that you should think about when thinking about putting together your own treasure hunt!

Choosing A Unique Theme

This is a very important step to make the game more interesting and giving it a better focus. If you have a theme it is easier to decide your treasures. Suppose you have kids who are interested in a particular cartoon character, you can have that as the theme. You can even have a favorite sports item as a theme and ask members in your office to find places in the city that relates to the sport.

Plan Your Clues

This is the most important part of creating the game. You must plan your clues in such a way that it is not too easy or too difficult. Formulate the clues depending on the age of the players and the theme. For a sports theme, you can have clues with a connection to the history of the game in your city. You can browse the net for various clues.

Plan Your Treasure

When planning a treasure, you can plan the treasures depending on the participants. When you plan eatables for kids, you must check whether there are any kids with food allergies. When you plan treasures for your staff you can decide based on their interests or something that they can enjoy later with their families.

Placing The Clues

This could be a difficult step if you are planning a treasure hunt that spans the entire city. You may need to place people at these spots or make arrangements to have the clues carefully hidden so that nobody else picks them up. If you are placing any of your staff at each point then you
must make sure that they are reliable enough to not leak the spots to the players. Sending The Teams On The Hunt It is better to have teams when you plan a treasure hunt in the city. It will help one person to drive while the others lookout for the place. Having teams will help in finding the spots and the treasures. You can explain the rules of the game and the time limit. You don’t want the people roaming around the city the whole day.

If all this just seems a little too much planning then book an EscapeTrail today where we have done all the hard work for you.  You will have fun, be social and explore the city in a whole new way!