Whatever your age you can find some attractions in Burlington, Vermont that can keep you engaged for hours. The place is filled with walking trails, museums, parks and other attractions which can fill your day. What is more important is knowing that there are many activities for which you don’t have to pay for anything. Look at the things that you can do for free when you are in Burlington, Vermont. 

Free Tour Of Brewing Company

One of the most interesting sights for anyone who loves beer will be the Magic Hat Breweries. The brewery is designed in the most unconventional having Victorian-Gothic era circus-themed décor. In the afternoons you can get a guided tour of the facility which is also free. At other times you can take yourself round and see the factory (still good but you miss those golden nuggets of information and stories). At the end of the tour, you will get a chance to taste some of the best beers they make and buy that t-shirt you always wanted!

Watch Sunset At The Waterfront

The Waterfront area is the best place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and stare at the waters of the beautiful lake. It is a good place to spend time with your loved one or your kids. You can take a walk through the place. The view of the setting sun from the wooden swings benches situated along the waterfront is something that is not likely to disappear from your mind for a long time. We live here and this is still great to do.  And although not free you can follow this up with a pint at the Foam Brewers just a couple of minutes walk from the waterfront.

Hear The Birds Chirping

If you are a bird lover then you must not miss the Green Mountain Audubon Center with a 5-mile walking trail that will show you a variety of birds and other wildlife populations. You can step into the Education Barn to get a map of the place so that you don’t miss the important spots on the trail. The trail is open from dawn to dusk. 

A Busy Pedestrian Street You Will Enjoy

The Church Street Marketplace is a busy shopping street free of any cars that you can enjoy any time of the day. There are various shops for you to buy things of interest – both national brands and plenty of local shops that sell local products from Burlington and from across the state of Vermont. You can sit in the open cafes on the roadside and have your favorite snacks. If you are not in the mood to spend you can just walk and see the various shops and restaurants from outside. There is also lots of history about the area that can find on various plaques, statues and works of art that are dotted up and down the street.  Oh and if you are visiting Burlington, do not forget to get your Ben and Jerry’s from their scoop shop near the top of Church Street.

The Burlington Bike Path

You can cycle your way along 8 miles of paved paths, which were converted from old railroads. You can see everything that is to see in Burlington from the beautiful Champlain Lake to the many other spots in the city including some great parks, beaches and local landmarks.  Want to go further than 8 miles then your in luck! The Burlington bike path links with the Island Trail which will take you all the way to the Marple Causeway which is pretty amazing and in the summer you can even pay a little money to be transported from the end of the causeway by a small boat to carry on your cycle on South Hero Island. 

This is a pretty amazing bike path but has not always been this way.  It all happened thanks to a group of dedicated individuals who made this renowned public facility happen battling all the way to the supreme court, that not only made this bike path happen but plenty of others across the USA were made possible by the Burlington Bike Path.. Check out www.burlingtonbikepath.com if you want an interesting read.

Parks and Beaches

In Burlington there are more parks and beaches than you can shake a stick at!  Check out Burlington Parks and Beaches by clicking here.  All of them have interesting history about the parks and how they have developed and interesting events that have happened there.  The parks also provide venues for great events throughout the year from concerts, farmers markets to sporting events. You will be hard pushed not to stumble across the parks when you are in Burlington with the Burlington parks system including over 35 parks that cover 520 acres of open space.  But make sure you check out more than just the usual ones or you may miss some of those hidden gems!

We hope this small selection provides some ideas and shows that there are plenty of things to do in Burlington that does not require any financial outlay!

However, if you did want a unique urban adventure.  Obviously consider an EscapeTrails experience in Burlington.  Part Escape Room, Scavenger Hunt and Sightseeing. A great experience if you have been in Burlington for twenty years or twenty minutes (hey we know it is not free but we did write the article so give us a break!).