How Did EscapeTrails Come About?

Erika and Mark – our founding Mum and Dad, you could say! – are adventurers themselves. They have lived and worked in many countries (the UK, Romania, Azerbaijan, USA and Thailand) and traveled to many more!

EscapeTrail Founders Erika and Mark Monaghan

EscapeTrails Founders (Mum and Dad)

They enjoyed the challenge of Escape Rooms and other escape games, but they were sometimes frustrated by the experience. One version might take just 20 minutes to complete, while another required the participants to be a collection of Einstein’s to make any progress at all. After paying handsomely for the privilege, either outcome was dispiriting and unsatisfying.

And while being locked in a series of rooms can add to the perception of pressure and intrigue, sometimes you just want to be outdoors, you know?!  Being residents of Vermont being active and outdoors was really important (yes even in the winter!).

They also loved the excitement of a scavenger hunt, racing against other teams to finish first. But sometimes these experiences seemed to be more about running around than putting your brain to the test.

And sight-seeing tours can be great, but often they just follow the same, well-trodden path. What about the secret wonders of a city? Those hidden gems?

There had to be another way. Something more…gratifying. Social. Exhilarating.

And so, through those experiences, the idea for EscapeTrails slowly formed.

What if there was an alternative? One that you could do outside, taking the best elements of an Escape Room, a scavenger hunt, a sight-seeing tour, and an urban adventure and combining them into an outstanding day-trip experience?

EscapeTrails uses inspiration from so many other great, involving games to deliver a unique experience. Why couldn’t there be a problem-solving activity that would allow people to socialize, explore a city by any means necessary and make great memories over the course of a whole day?

Well now – with EscapeTrails – no reason at all!

If you want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.

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