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GPS Adventures great for groups between 12 and 2000 people!

Choose from our selection of uniquely crafted team building activities that are designed to engage, involve and motivate anyone and everyone, anywhere!

Our budget friendly events come in multiple formats; Whether you’re looking for a real life, hands on event – or a – virtually charged awesomeness that connects those spread across the globe.

We make it simple. Look at the options and games below and contact us for more information.

Managed Event

For those of you in the North East (New England and New York), we offer fully manage events. We create the game, facilitate on the day with our iPads and bring the winners medals!

Remotely Managed Event

For those who are on a tighter budget or not in the North East we offer a remote game master. We create the game, facilitate remotely on the day and you use your own smartphones and provide the medals!

Bespoke Event

We are experts in creating custom events. Got some great ideas? Then tell us and we will make them happen. Or let us go wild and create an epic adventure.


In this cyber-security themed city game, participants will have to run through the city, solving challenges to collect the bitcoins necessary to pay the ransom requested by the hackers who invaded their company’s system. Otherwise the reprisals will be particularly unpleasant: all payment transactions will be shut down and no one will get their salary this month.

Start and Finish where you want
12 - 200

The Classic

This is called THE CLASSIC for a reason. This combines the best of the best from a good old fashioned scavenger hunt, mixed with a little amazing race, trivia quiz and then lightly dusted with a dose of strategy!

If you just want good old fashioned fun, and be outdoors and active then this is our recommendation - after all it's the classic!

Start and Finish where you want
12 - 200