In this cyber-security themed city game, participants will have to run through the city (or anywhere you like!), solving challenges to collect the bitcoins necessary to pay the ransom requested by the hackers who invaded their company’s system. Otherwise the reprisals will be particularly unpleasant: all payment transactions will be shut down and no one will get their salary this month.

During this interactive team building program, participants will walk through the city and find all kinds of challenges. When they accomplish a challenge, they will earn bitcoins to pay the ransom money. The ransom can only be collected by teamwork, commitment, creativity of the workers… They will be tested with all sorts of assignments, from easy trading to hard negotiations!

This activity has a diverse array of challenges that strive to bring awareness about cybersecurity in the workplace, ranging from multiple-choice questions to video and photo challenges. Participants can chat with the game master and the other teams, making it even more interactive.

Following an initial brief from our event manager your teams will be ready to start and will use one device per team to complete the scavenger hunt which is completely software based.

With the use of our dedicated app we are able to provide a cutting edge game based on a traditional escape game combined with a scavenger hunt like no other.  We can add your own content to make the game a little more special!

We could go on….but the bottom line is this is a fun, active and social event that is guaranteed to be a winner!  If you want more information about Hacked please let us know through the contact page.


You have three options to choose from:

Self Managed

Run your activity at your own pace.  We will set up the event and then hand it to you to run on the day using your own smartphones.  We will supply all the information and guidance you need to run a successful event.  You will receive all the photos and videos from the event.  Great if you need a little more flexibility on the day or are on a tighter budget.

Remote Game Master

Set up and facilitated by our remote host.  On the day the remote game master will connect with teams via video conferencing to get the event underway and will manage the game remotely.  At the end they will wrap up, announce winners and show a movie from the event.  This is a great option to be sustainable and also is great for the budget.

In Person Game Master

You will have an in person host on the day.  We will bring our iPads to use and the event will be managed for you to provide a professional and hassle free experience.  The game master will provide a face to face introduction of the game, manage the game during play and provide a humorous wrap up with a highlights movie of the event.

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