Welcome to Operation: Virus 42

The mission…

Your team have been recruited as a freelance analysts.  You have been assigned to Operation: Virus 42.

You need to use the information provided by field agents and mission HQ to put the pieces of the puzzle together and save the world as we know it.

All we know for sure from our mole (who has recently disappeared), is that there is a plot to embed a computer virus in a number of key locations across the world. This will then infect every computer within the space of a few days.  He has placed

You and your team are on a mission to find the dastardly culprit. Using your smartphones/or our iPads with our interactive app, explore your choice of location. Unlocking GPS hotspots along the way, you’ll complete thrilling challenges. Put your strategic-thinking skills to the test and earn points.

This outdoor adventure gets your team on the move! With a live scoreboard to inspire competition, will you be the next 007?

This activity is equipped for Multi-City.  Perfect for gameplay across global offices.

Discover a range of tasks as you get to the GPS hotspots, guided by our interactive app. Get creative with engaging photo and video challenges. Test your wits with codebreakers, memory tasks, and riddles. Bonus curveball challenges are also in the mix! There’s no telling what you’re up against next.

You need to follow the leads, spot the things others might not and find out the location of the first target.  If we stop the first upload, we will stop the others.

You have three options to choose from:

Self Managed

Run your activity at your own pace.  We will set up the event and then hand it to you to run on the day using your own smartphones.  We will supply all the information and guidance you need to run a successful event.  You will receive all the photos and videos from the event.  Great if you need a little more flexibility on the day or are on a tighter budget.

Remote Game Master

Set up and facilitated by our remote host.  On the day the remote game master will connect with teams via video conferencing to get the event underway and will manage the game remotely.  At the end they will wrap up, announce winners and show a movie from the event.  This is a great option to be sustainable and also is great for the budget.

In Person Game Master

You will have an in person host on the day.  We will bring our iPads to use and the event will be managed for you to provide a professional and hassle free experience.  The game master will provide a face to face introduction of the game, manage the game during play and provide a humorous wrap up with a highlights movie of the event.

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