Can Seniors play?

An EscapeTrail offers a great adventure whatever your age. As long as you are reasonably active and can walk 2 miles over a period of approximately 3 hours or more then you will be fine. This is a great way to keep active, discover the city in a new way and spend time with your friends and loved ones. Take your time (there are no clocks ticking on our adventures!) as you follow the trails, find the clues and solve the puzzles.

Feel free to pause at interesting sights, grab a coffee and a slice of cake at a hidden gem you discover, as you attempt to complete your mission to solve the crime mystery, save the world or find the treasure.

What if we can not find a clue or solve a puzzle and we get stuck?

Our Escape Trails are designed to be challenging but not impossible, such that the average group should be able to solve the puzzles along the trail by working together. However, if you do get stumped by a particular clue we have a special text service to get you back on track. If the text does not help you can always ring HQ and speak to an operative who will available to help for any groups that are still on the trail that day!

How long do we have to finish?

All day! Well, until 10 pm. You can start any time from 10 am onwards. So if you start at 10 am you have until 10 pm. If you start at 5 pm you still have until 10 pm! So basically 10 pm is the time to remember! If some locations are closed when you reach them, that won’t be a problem. We have other secret agents who can help you fill in any missing steps without ruining your enjoyment, allowing you to go forth and claim victory in your chosen adventure!

What happens if the trail is taking a little longer than we expected? Can we miss part of it out?

Excellent question! Normally this is not an issue as groups have allocated the entire morning, afternoon or evening to this activity. However, if you find yourself in dire need there are shortcut clues you can text us for that will help you out – reducing your route but not your enjoyment! You will still be able to complete your mission. We usually use these special routes for corporate bookings or during the winter when 1.5 to 2 hours is a more suitable duration to be outside. If you are interested in a shorter route from the start just let us know and we can send you a special booking link and price.

Do I have to be fit to do take part in an Escape Trails adventure?

As long as you can walk around 2 – 3 miles over the space of 3 hours or longer you should be absolutely fine. Think of this as the equivalent of spending the afternoon shopping or sight-seeing. But with more excitement, mystery, and intrigue than any shopping trip! Remember, there is no time limit on our adventures so if you do need a little rest, take your time! Sit down, watch the world go by, stop for a bite to eat or grab a drink!

Why is transport not included where it is used on trails?

Part of the excitement of Escape Trails is the use of public transport to whisk you from one end of the city to another, keeping you on your toes and adding an additional element of exploration. We originally included the cost of tickets in our prices and they were part of the information pack and instructions. However, as part of our Beta testing, we found the over 60 percent of participants had a local travel card that they had already prepaid, and which often provided bigger discounts on travel than we could obtain for you. Therefore, we made the decision to discount the cost of any travel tickets from the price you pay for the adventure. This means that those with passes already get a cheaper Escape Trails experience and those without just pay the same price as you would have done anyway!

What do we need to bring?

Before and after your book we will recommend items and clothes you should bring. For example, the usual stuff you’d expect – sensible shoes, dressing appropriately for the weather, sun lotion and so on. However, there are some additional items that may well prove useful. A mobile phone with data, a few quarters, a pen, a travel ticket and a printed version of the instructions we send you!

Where does the adventure start and finish?

Your start location will be shared with you as part of the booking confirmation process. Your finish location will be somewhere close to where you started. That’s all we can say!

What is an EscapeTrail?

An Escape Trail is an urban adventure that combines the best parts of a scavenger hunt, escape room and sightseeing tour in a unique group adventure in the city. Have fun, explore and socialize with Escape Trails. For more information please see the WHAT page where you can find a video explainer.

These are only a few of our frequently asked questions, contact us to ask anything you haven’t found an answer to!

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