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EscapeTrails in Burlington, Vermont

EscapeTrails adventures are fun for everyone, immersing you in a unique storyline. Part scavenger hunt, part escape game and part city tour - you will have fun, get active and be social in one awesome adventure.

EscapeTrails are a fun way to explore Burlington, whether you have been in town 20 minutes or 20 years. Adventures are designed to take between 90 - 120 minutes, however if you get distracted along the way there are no time limits, so feel free to get distracted by what you find. Take a break when you want or race to the finish line to complete your adventure!

Solve the mystery

Find the evidence and clues that will lead you to one who done it!

Catch the Spy!

It's the 1920s and you're deep undercover. Be stealthy, follow the clues, and clear your name before it's too late!

Find the Treasure

Count your steps, find the clues, and don't forget to watch out for pirates!

Queen Lils Treasure (Available soon!)

Your elite team of modern day treasure hunters have been called in to locate the fortune of “Queen Lil”. A local historian had been reportedly close to locating it before his suspicious death. The mob are suspected to be involved with his untimely death and are in hot pursuit of the treasure. You must follow the clues and puzzles left by the historian and find the location of the fortune so the extraction team can be sent in to retrieve it, before the mob can locate it.

Church and Main (outside City Hall), Burlington, Vermont
Up to 6 per team (but between 2-5 is the sweet spot!)

Champs Treasure (now OPEN!)

Champ is a legendary monster of Lake Champlain and it appears that he discovered a hoard of treasure at the bottom of the lake. Can you track Champ down and find the location of the treasure? An awesome adventure along the Waterfront in Burlington, Vermont.

Perkins Pier, Burlington, Vermont
Up to 6 per team (but between 2-5 is the sweet spot!)