Long ago in a fierce and desperate naval battle with the British, many American ships met their end on the cold, rocky bed of Lake Champlain. The Battle of Valcour Island is now legendary. But what many people don’t know is that one of these ships was secretly carrying a chest of gold coins, on its way to New York to help pay for the Revolution. It received a direct hit from a cannon ball and ten thousand shiny pieces of gold sprayed out, fluttering slowly down through cold, dense water to rest at the bottom of the lake.

But our old friend Champ found them, and in those gold coins he saw an opportunity to turn tragedy into joy. Each night when the town is fast asleep, he quietly slips ashore to stash new coins to the treasure booty in a secret location, in the city, for lucky treasure hunters to discover….Will you be one of them?

Don’t worry, you are not alone, a local tracker who has been on the trail of Champ for some years is just ahead of you and is leaving his own trail for you to follow. However, the tracker is secretive and wants to ensure that his trail cannot be followed by just anyone, so he is leaving clues, puzzles and cryptic messages that you will need to decipher to stay on his trail.

START LOCATION: Perkins Pier, Burlington, Vermont

FINISH LOCATION: About 5-10 minutes walk from the start location!

DURATION: Expect to spend between 90 – 120 minutes on the adventure (however, there is no time limit so if you want to take your time and stop along the way and enjoy the sights and refreshments along the way feel free!)