In the midst of federal Prohibition and the Roaring ’20s, on the border between Canada and Vermont the owner of a Line House (a house that is partly in Canada and partly in Vermont), a larger than life character, known as “Queen Lil” was making a fortune.  Her line house, the “Queen’s hotel” or what became known as the “Palace of Sin” had a bar on the first floor.  Private entertainment rooms were on the upper floors, and perhaps less well known was her central role in the smuggling of alcohol to the North East states.  There are countless accounts of her in newspaper records that showed her as a force of nature against the law, and apparently the mob, who were not happy with her stomping on their territory in North East States!  The mob has a long memory….

Your elite team of modern day treasure hunters have been called in to locate the fortune of “Queen Lil”.  A local historian had been reportedly close to locating it before his suspicious death.  The mob are suspected to be involved with his untimely death and are in hot pursuit of the treasure.  Before his disappearance, he sent our agency a video recording which could provide some important information.  You must follow the clues and puzzles left by the historian and find the location of the fortune so the extraction team can be sent in to retrieve it, before the mob can locate it. 

Good luck!

START LOCATION: Church and Main Street (outside City Hall), Burlington, Vermont

FINISH LOCATION: About 5-10 minutes walk from the start location!

DURATION: Expect to spend between 90 – 120 minutes on the adventure (however, there is no time limit so if you want to take your time and stop along the way and enjoy the sights and refreshments along the way feel free!)