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Easter Scavenger Hunt in Burlington – Shelburne – Bristol – Middlebury – Vermont

Why have we created a scavenger hunt?

During these strange, worrying times we have been seeing more families heading out for some fresh air and exercise around our neighborhood, all be it at a social distance from others!  We have created a scavenger hunt for the family to play and all you need is a smart phone!

It is completely FREE and is our way at EscapeTrails to inject a little fun around your daily family exercise.  Not only that, we will give some prizes to teams for the best photos, videos and for the highest total points!   This could be some EscapeTrails merchandise , discounts or free EscapeTrails experiences up for grabs (what is an EscapeTrail? Check out the video on the home page)!

You can play in Burlington, Shelburne, Bristol and Middlebury.  If you want EscapeTrails to set up our Easter Scavenger Hunt in your neighborhood then please contact us and we will see what we can do!

What do you have to do on the scavenger hunt?

It’s very simple: download the MooveGo app, scan the QR code for your location and complete the challenges (see below for links and QR codes).

You will have to walk to certain GPS points during the scavenger hunt which will automatically unlock challenges. This may involve answering questions, solving puzzles, word games, taking photos or making a short video clip.  There are also some challenges that can be done at home and involve Easter related activities for the whole family, such as making an Easter Bonnet, an egg and spoon race and so much more!

The aim is to give an outdoor, fun activity for families to do in a safe way during these extraordinary times.

Obviously, stay at a social distance during your hunt and make sure you post those photos and videos to your social media using #escapetrailsvt to get prizes and goodies for your family efforts!

If you like our scavenger hunts or want to say thank you, please like us on Instagram or and/or Facebook searching for EscapeTrails Burlington or clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.  Feel free to share with other folks in your neighborhood!


DOWNLOAD the MooveGo app on the App store or Google Play:

Google Play Link for MooveGo

Google Play Link for MooveGo


Scan the QR code in for the scavenger hunt you want to take part in below or print out to scan later click here:

Burlington - Waterfront Scavenger Hunt

Burlington – Waterfront Scavenger Hunt


Shelburne Scavenger Hunt

Shelburne Scavenger Hunt


Bristol Scavenger Hunt

Bristol Scavenger Hunt


Middlebury Scavenger Hunt

Middlebury Scavenger Hunt


Play the game.  Either do it all in one (around 90 – 120 minutes minutes) go or take your time over 2 days.

Have fun and please share with your neighbors!

REMEMBER KEEP YOUR SOCIAL DISTANCE when you are enjoying the fresh air and this fun activity for the whole family and share your photo and video challenges with us on your social media by tagging us and including the hashtag #escapetrails.co