GPS Outdoor Escape Adventure

The #1 Escape Game you can do ANYWHERE


Fun for all ages. Teams of 2-6 players. 2-infinite teams


You choose where you want to play. Your neighborhood, in the city, at a conference, on holiday!


A great way to have an adventure with groups of friends.


Find the clues, solve puzzles and bond with your coworkers

How it works

All adventures will last around 2 hours. You will receive some orientation from the game master and then they will start the game. You will have 90 minutes to complete your mission and collect the most points. The game master will stop the game at 90 minutes and if you have more than one team you he will let you know the winner and debrief. After the event the game master will email a short video that you can keep and provides the highlights of your group adventure!

1. Choose and then book your adventure!

Decide which escape game adventure and how many teams then book online.

2. Provide details

Get and confirmation mail. You will then provide the start and finish location and the date and time so we can set this up.

3. Head to the start location

Arrive at the start location, follow the instructions you have provided and then the game master will run and facilitate your adventure remotely!

Cloak and Dagger

“There is a hidden flow and ebb in the alleyways and walkways of your location. If you look close enough in the shadows you may spot clues in the corners of your eyes.

Follow an adventure inspired by the events from the past, unravel the mystery of a secret society and a hidden treasure. The secrets from the past are solved with keen minds of the present."

Wherever you like!
Up to 6 per team - but choose as many teams to play and compete as you like - invite the whole gang! (Oh and the more that plays the cheaper it gets!)