Anyone group can enjoy the fun and adventure of an EscapeTrail.

A fun social activity for any group whatever age or background.
  • Friends & Family

    Explore the city by booking an exciting and unique adventure with your nearest and dearest! Perfect for: Birthdays and other celebrations Family outings Bachelor/bachelorette parties Sports teams Class reunions Friendship groups looking for a great day out Discover the city’s most notable landmarks as well as its hidden gems as you embark on a fun-filled […]
  • Corporate Team Building

    Foster unity and camaraderie within your team by booking a unique EscapeTrails experience. This city-wide adventure of exploration and discovery is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a teambuilding activity with a difference. Encouraging communication, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making and team-work.  EscapeTrails adventures will strengthen bonds and create fond memories for years […]
  • Kids

    Treat your kids to a fun-filled adventure that they will be talking about for years to come! Perfect for: Family outings School trips Birthday parties and celebrations Kids will love the excitement and mystery of following the trail, finding clues and solving puzzles. The immersive storyline will keep them absorbed in their mission to solve […]
  • School Field Trips

    EscapeTrails adventures are a great way to start or end the school year! As a former teacher and deputy-head of many years experience, the EscapeTrails founder knows exactly what schools need to run a smooth and successful day out. Perfect for: Induction into the new school year End of year social events Fostering essential skills […]
  • College Students

    Book an EscapeTrails adventure for your college group! Whether you’re looking to become familiar with your new surroundings or you want a unique and fun-filled day of excitement, EscapeTrails are the perfect way to get to know new people or strengthen bonds of friendship. Perfect for: College freshmen new to the city Sorority and fraternity […]
  • Birthday Adventures

    Whether for children or adults EscapeTrails offers a unique way to celebrate with your friends. Be a detective, undercover agent or a treasure hunter on your special day, as you have fun and explore the city with your friends. A perfect celebratory activity whether you’re turning 8 or 80, this is an active urban adventure […]
  • Large Groups

    An EscapeTrails urban adventure is the perfect choice for large groups. Team building events Side events for conferences Work outings Rewards for top performers Office parties An EscapeTrails adventure combines outdoor activities, excitement, and social engagement. This reasonably priced team-bonding experience is suitable for all participants. It brings colleagues together to compete and/or collaborate.  The […]
  • Tourists

    Are you bored with the same old city walking tours? Whether under your own steam or with a restrictive tour group, seeing new places can sometimes get old fast. With EscapeTrails you’ll experience the must-see sights, the hidden gems and even some of the local secrets. So have fun, explore the city and make lasting […]
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette

    Create a lasting memory with friends and family as you celebrate your special day. For a truly epic and memorable event, plan an amazing urban adventure! Create lasting memories with this new, exciting and unique experience. EscapeTrails are all those things and more. And if you want to recreate scenes from the Hangover, you still […]

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