Book an EscapeTrails adventure for your college group!

Whether you’re looking to become familiar with your new surroundings or you want a unique and fun-filled day of excitement, EscapeTrails are the perfect way to get to know new people or strengthen bonds of friendship.

Perfect for:

  • College freshmen new to the city
  • Sorority and fraternity groups
  • Sports teams
  • Community groups

Discover the city’s most notable landmarks as well as its hidden gems as you embark on a fun-filled EscapeTrails adventure! Decode secret messages, solve tricky puzzles and decipher mysterious clues as you follow the trail through an immersive storyline. A great way to explore the city and create fond memories for years to come!

Are you a college wanting an awesome campus orientation adventure?  Then contact us and we can adapt one of our existing games or do a bespoke adventure.

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