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EscapeTrails - Cloak and Dagger - Kickstarter campaign

EscapeTrails have launched a project on kickstarter!

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that allows businesses and individuals ask for funding from members of the public.  EscapeTrails are launching are Kickstarter campaign this week!  So keep your eyes peeled for more info!

As hopefully you already know EscapeTrails is an urban adventure where you will play with the city in a whole new way.  Part escape room, part scavenger hunt and part seeing tour.  You will have fun whatever your age.  Whether you have been in town 20 minutes or 20 years this is an excellent activity for locals and visitors alike.

Click here to see the Kickstarter campaign page

So why is it like an Escape Room?

Well you have a mystery to solve.  So most escape rooms you have to solve the mystery to break out of the room.  Whether this is finding a code, diffusing a bomb or identifying the perpetrator.  An EscapeTrail is similar with a theme and a mystery to solve.  You could be saving the world in a spy espionage adventure, being a detective to working out who dun’it in an unsolved crime mystery or finding a lost treasure hidden in the city somewhere!

However, one thing that is different is that you are outside.  You start of in a location but could end up anywhere in the city during your EscapeTrail experience.  Why be trapped inside when you can be outside, active and explore!

So why is it like a scavenger hunt?

Well you are navigating around the city collecting clues and solving puzzles.  However, these are not a list of random items or tasks.  Each clue or puzzle will lead you to the next point which will provide further information to solve the mystery!  However, unlike a scavenger hunt there is an end goal which is solving the mystery and it is not as random.

So why is it like sightseeing!

As you explore the city you will see the sights of the city.  As you will not being GPS you will need to interact with the city in a whole new way.  This means you’ll notice new things, you will spot the usual landmarks but you will also visit new places that not even the locals know about (or may just have never noticed!).

Click here to see the Kickstarter campaign page

About the project

EscapeTrails offers a unique, fun and exciting urban adventure in the heart of the city!
This project is about delivering our new trail in Boston – Cloak and Dagger intertwines fact and fiction as you uncover a secret society and the truth behind the Boston Massacre in 1770!

Cloak and Dagger:

There is a hidden flow and ebb in the alleyways and walkways of Boston. If you look close enough in the shadows you may spot clues in the corners of your eyes. Follow an adventure inspired by the events from Boston’s past, unravel the mystery of a secret society and a hidden treasure. The secrets from the past are solved with keen minds of the present.”