In 1698, he looted the Armenian ship the Quedagh Merchant, which was apparently sailing under a French pass and had an English captain which meant became one of the worlds most wanted man an ultimately led to his hanging!

Legend had it that Captain Kidd hid much of his loot, which has prompted numerous treasure hunts around the world. Your team have been investigating for years and you believe they have found where the treasure is located!  In order to keep the location a secret your team have left secret messages and clues so you can finally get your hands on the loot!

You have developed a highly sophisticated app, this will help your team to locate the clues, puzzles and challenges and race to save the world as we know it.   Finding the treasure will be tough but will involve ruling out the final locations that are possibilities.  If you are also competing against other teams you must thing strategically to also stack up as many points as possible and be crowned the legendary treasure hunters!