Managed GPS Adventure

The #1 Escape Game you can do ANYWHERE


Fun for all ages. Teams of 2-6 players. 2-infinite teams


You choose where you want to play. Your neighborhood, in the city, at a conference, on holiday!


A great way to have an adventure with groups of friends.


Find the clues, solve puzzles and bond with your coworkers

How it works

All adventures will last around 2 hours which includes the brief, the game and the debrief!

MANAGED - You will receive joining instructions for all participants. At the start location(s), all teams will receive a virtual orientation from the game master and then they will start the game. You will have 90 minutes to complete your mission and collect the most points. The game master will stop the game at 90 minutes and debrief, if you have more than one team they will let you know the winner and debrief. After the event the game master will email a short video that you can keep (using the photos and videos you may have taken to complete your mission), a great momento of your group adventure including the scores!

1. Choose and then book your adventure!

Decide which escape game adventure, how many teams then book your date online.

2. Provide details

You will receive a confirmation mail. You will then provide the start and finish location and the date and time so we can set this up (please supply this at least 48 hours before your adventure!).

3. Head to the start location

Arrive at the start location, follow the instructions you have been provided, the game master will give you a brief about the game and then you will start your adventure. The game master will be available fo in app chat and will conduct a debrief for after the game.

The Classic (Managed)

This is called THE CLASSIC for a reason. This combines the best of the best from a good old fashioned scavenger hunt, mixed with a little amazing race, trivia quiz and then lightly dusted with a dose of strategy!

If you just want good old fashioned fun, and be outdoors and active then this is our recommendation (especially if you can get a little competitive and plan to have 2 or more teams!).

Anywhere you decide!
Up to 5 per team - but choose as many teams to play and compete as you like - invite the whole gang! (Oh and the more that plays the cheaper it gets!)

Zombie Apocalypse – Escape game

Find the antidote and save the world in this GPS escape game experience! We have seen the films and TV shows well it is finally happened. A virus has mutated and causes brain and biological changes to humans which leads to a zombie like state.

You and your team must find the clues, solve the puzzles and collect details of the antidote. Once you have these you must log into the mainframe and share with Noah's ark (the floating HQ that represent the future for mankind), then head to the extraction location to be taken to safety until the antidote can be produced and humanity can start again!

Anywhere you decide!
Up to 6 per team - but choose as many teams to play and compete as you like - invite the whole gang! (Oh and the more that plays the cheaper it gets!)