Welcome to your GPS adventure – The CLASSIC IS – part scavenger hunt, part amazing race, pub trivia night and strategic game of cat and mouse all rolled into one awesome experience!

Good to be done as an individual team but awesome to be done when you have a large group and you can have a few teams.  2 at least is good but we can go as high as you like – we have had over 200 teams doing this at the same time in different cities!

You and your team must find the clues, solve the puzzles and complete challenges to collect points and be crowned scavenger champions!  As well as a super fun experience that we can set up ANYWHERE you want, you will also receive a show reel movie that will act as a great momentum for the day including the best moments captured with the photos and videos teams have submitted on their crazy adventure.

Work social, team building, special occasion, bachelorette or bachelor party – no worries we have you covered with this adventure.  You can opt to have unique questions, challenges and more to be part of your adventure to create a truly custom adventure.  For example include questions about the bride, special photo or video challenges for participants and so much more just shoot us an email to ask more details!