Welcome to Operation: Virus 42

The mission…

You have been recruited as a freelance analyst.  You have been assigned to Operation: Virus 42.

You need to use the information provided by field agents and mission HQ to put the pieces of the puzzle together and save the world as we know it.

All we know for sure from our mole (who has recently disappeared), is that there is a plot to embed a computer virus in a number of key locations across the world. This will then infect every computer within the space of a few days.

You need to follow the leads, spot the things others might not and find out the location of the first target.  If we stop the first upload, we will stop the others.




When can we do it?

You can complete the mission anytime you want.  Once your book you will click the link and enter your booking code you can race and see how quick you can do it (it is designed to take around 90 minutes).  If you are doing this with others then you might want to see who completes the mission first or you may want to collaborate.  However, if you want to take your time then you have up to 2 weeks to come back to it and complete the mission in bite sized chunks.

As there is evidence to scrutinize it would be better to do this on a computer, laptop or large tablet.  Only using your cell phone may prove a little awkward.

Who to play with?

You could play individually, with a group on the same device or play over zoom all having access to the mission.  Each purchase allows you to gain access to Mission HQ on one device.  So if this was to play with friends you may want to purchase more than one ticket.  This mission has been popular for remote workers or families that want to connect.  Each worker/Household buys one access point and then you all logon at the same time enter your details and either compete or work together individually or in teams to complete the mission.