Group of multi-ethnic friends walking on the streets and smiling - Young people having fun outdoors team building activity.

There are so many things wrong with traditional team building activities that they are sometimes dreaded by employees as that annual time of the year comes around when they are forced into a venue to play wacky games, complete trust falls and potentially some role play!
First of all, an EscapeTrails experience…… well, is an ‘experience’, it combines team building elements with a social activity.

A team building activity can contribute so much when it comes to creating a positive work environment. There are so many ways to get your employees to engage with one another, but none are better than EscapeTrails. It certainly is not ‘role play’ or working round a table pretending to work on a problem solving task. For sure, an EscapeTrail will get your team’s brain cells working and hell yeah they will need to work together but this is the perfect mix between team building and a great active social activity!

Check out our top 9 reasons to go on an EscapeTrail for the best team building experience around!

Improve Productivity

One of the main goals of a team building activity is to improve productivity, how do you improve productivity in a team well you build that social connection so people want to support the team and do not want to let it down. What better way to do this than on an EscapeTrail which mixes fun, exploration and being social, with teamwork, communication and problem solving in just the right quantities.

Improve Collaboration

A successful team building activity should encourage people to work together in order to achieve a shared goal. An EscapeTrail experience you must work with your team to solve a mystery, find lost treasure or save the world from certain catastrophe! This makes it the perfect activity to put your minds together, collaborate and learn how each other works a little more than you did before.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills will be a must to ensure you can follow the trail, find the clues and solve the mystery on an EscapeTrails urban adventure! Whether it is solving a crime, finding the treasure or saving the world some grey matter will be required!

Allow your team to play with Creativity

Our urban adventures combine the best parts of an escape game experience, a scavenger hunt and a sightseeing tour. In order to solve the mystery and complete your mission creativity is a must. Along the EscapeTrail you will need to keep your wits about you and be creative to follow the clues and solve the puzzles.

Polish their Communication skills

Having strong communication skills is vital in a team working together effectively. Communication is the key component in succeeding on an EscapeTrail! Our Trails are designed to ensure that a group have to communicate effectively to succeed.


Gallup reports that 70% of American workers are not showing up to work committed to delivering their best performance. An EscapeTrails team building activity is an easy way to change this! As an EscapeTrails experience combines the best mix between a social activity and a meaningful team building exercise. Allowing your employees time to have fun, be social and to explore will be appreciated by your employees. The chance to be active and outdoors make this much better than being stuck indoors!
Kenexa Research Institute found that companies with highly engaged employees achieve twice the net annual income of companies whose employees lag behind on engagement. This research also showed that the opportunity of social interaction was a main driver in achieving this!

Break down barriers in a different setting

One massive benefit of getting your employees out of the office on an Escapetrails adventure is that it breaks down barriers. As said before, it gives the team an opportunity to socialize and connect in a more personal way. An EscapeTrails experience offers you a unique way to do this, as our immersive storylines and challenging puzzles put everyone on a level playing field.

Be able to attract & retain top talent

An article recently written for Forbes commented that companies that can boast about their great work environment and the social and fun opportunities available are able to better recruit (as well as retain) new employees. So instead of the normal boring company retreat where people practice trust falls with each other, and complete an EscapeTrails Urban Adventure instead!

If you think your company could benefit from anything on this list, you definitely need to visit EscapeTrails in Boston (MA) or Burlington (VT). Gather your coworkers and employees, and head over to the Team Building section of our website to begin planning your event! Any questions just let us know!