Are you feeling the cold a little and you just can not get the kids outside? Well how about getting them active indoors with a treasure or scavenger hunt!

Ready made scavenger and treasure hunt templates

There are so many resources online that finding something ready made could not be simpler.  Check out the guys over at with their indoor (and outdoor scavenger hunt activities) with some free resources like this ready to go scavenger hunt.

Here is another ready to print:

Free printable Indoor Scavenger Hunt – see for further ideas and resources


Rhyme and Riddle inspiration

The Spruce some great ideas for rhyme and riddles that you can use like these:

    1. I have four legs, but I don’t have feet.
      I come in handy when it’s time to eat.
    2. My job is to put an end to sleep,
      Which I do with music, a buzz, or a beep.
    3.  For fast heating or cooking, I am tops.
      And, oh, that good smell when my popcorn pops!
    4. I’m packed really full of boxes and cans.
      I may hold a broom or a mop or a dustpan.

Any ideas of what these might be?  Whether yes or no head over to The Spruce to explore a few more options.

Some more options for riddles include which have more riddles than you can shake a stick at.  Here are some other links we used for inspiration:

Get the kids to make their own

Another idea is to get the kids creative and make their own scavenger or treasure hunts.  They love the thinking and creative side and LOVE to see others doing their hunt!  This could include something as simple as post it notes with a picture on that leads you to the next clue and the next until you get to the treasure!

They could even do their own treasure map like this below:

Enjoy exploring your house and garden in a new way!  Have fun, be creative and explore!