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Team building in Boston

Boston is rich in the history of America and it is also one of the cities that has the best educational institutions. What some of you may not know is that it is also a hot destination for many corporate meetings. With the historic setting and excellent hospitality by the local people,many companies prefer to have their meetings here. This has also led to the development of various team building activities that have now become part of company meetings and conferences.

There are many venues in Boston that host various kinds of team building activities. When the weather is good companies can organize treasure hunts in the many areas in the city like Fenway Park and Public Garden. In the cooler months, the activities can be held at various hotels or convention halls. There is no dearth of places for you to conduct these events. There are some events which are commonly held in the city.

High-Tech Scavenger Hunt

As technology develops games should also be upgraded to include the developments. In this high-tech scavenger hunt, the participants are given iPads with instructions. You can divide your staff into small teams and they can analyze the information on their iPads to find the places or things. They may have to answer quizzes, go to various points of interest or solve puzzles to win the game. The event will have many roadblocks and detours before they reach each point. At each point, they will have to answer questions or solve problems before they receive their next clue. The game is highly competitive and can sharpen the minds of your employees. It is a good way to reinvigorate your staff with fresh energy.  A great company that provides this is ClueGo and they come with excellent reviews!

Showing Corporate Social Responsibility With Team Building

Here is a way to engage your employees in a team-building activity while also fulfilling your social responsibility. The teams will get instructions on assembling a bicycle. They will have to answer quiz questions to earn the different parts of the bicycle. The teams compete with each
other in building the bicycles which are donated to children in need. It is an activity that can give your employees a chance to show their engineering skills.

A Yummy Team Building Activity

This one is for the teams with a craze for candies and cookies. The teams will be asked to build various architectural structures using candies, cookies and chocolate delicacies. They will earn points by answering questions and then purchase candies and other stuff needed for the
construction. The teams can choose from a variety of landmarks both in Boston and in other places around the world.

An Escape Room

Boston has a number of Escape Rooms that have amazing reputations and lots of different rooms and scenarios to choose from.  An Escape Room in Boston can offer a great activity to be social and bond with the team as well as investigate how you work together.  Add the competitive edge to the experience and you are sure to have a great experience.  A slightly different experience in Boda Borg which adds a much more physical component to your quest and is pretty awesome if you have a pretty active team.

An EscapeTrail

Well we feel seeing as we wrote this article, that we are based in Boston and that we love our unique urban adventures being used for a team building activity, it would be rude not to mention EscapeTrails before we end this article!  So if you liked the sound of the Escape room (but was put off by the thought of being locked up inside especially on a lovely day), or the hi tech scavenger hunt (but wanted to leave the tech at home or in the office for once) then an EscapeTrails urban adventure may just be the right option for your next team building activity.  An EscapeTrails adventure combines the best part of an escape game, scavenger hunt and sightseeing and combines this into one unique activity.  Check out our team building page for more details and the adventures we have on offer in Boston.

There is no excuses not to get out there have fun, be social and explore the city with your colleagues.  We would love you to do an EscapeTrail sometime but with so many options you are spoilt for choice!