Team Building activity Burlington Vermont

Social Team building activity in Burlington Vermont – Bike ride along the Waterfront

Burlington is a place that combines arts, culture, excellent food and many recreational activities.  The place has many sightseeing destinations that can keep you engaged for a few days. It is also a city that offers you excellent opportunities for team building activities. You may find companies within and outside the area who are willing to organize a team building activity however these are often indoors.

There are enough open spaces and opportunities to explore, it seems that not enjoying what Burlington has to offer would just seem wrong!  That is why we wrote this article.  Whether it is more a social team building activity in Burlington or something a little more in depth where you hope to explore teamwork a little more, we hope the list below will give you some great ideas.

A social bike ride

Burlington has an amazing bike path network that stretches all the way along the waterfront and a unique cycle along the causeway with a ferry ride during the summer months taking you to the Islands to continue your cycle.  With not much planning this could be a great way to be active, create memories and do something even locals in Burlington just do not do enough!  Combine this with a stop at some of the brewery’s dotted close to the bike path and/or some local eateries!  A great team building activity for everyone in Burlington.  Not everyone have a bike no problems there are a few options here, along with the bike sharing scheme in Burlington you can also hire from a number of shops:

  • North Star Sports which is just up the hill from the waterfront in the heart of Burlington
  • SkiRack just a few doors down and across the road from North Star Sports above
  • If you are looking for a community start up then maybe check out Betty’s Bike
  • Local Motion right on the waterfront is a great choice
  • Finally, in the heart of Burlington on Church Street is Outdoor Gear Exchange

But what happens if you want to organize your own team building event?  Well just in case here are some classic ideas.  All of these can be designed to take place outdoors too.

A segway tour

If you have the budget this could be a great fun way to explore, have fun and be social with your colleagues. See much more of Burlington than you could on foot on a Segway® personal transporter.  This is both a fun and educational experience.  Contact Burlington Segways to find out some options.

An Augmented Reality Adventure

AR Adventure Vermont is a mixture of an escape room, scavenger hunt, and a city tour. These games are great for team-building, family outings, bar hops, history tours, or as a fun outing with your friends. AR Adventures let you see Burlington in a way you have never experienced a city before.  Enhanced with the help of augmented reality technology, friends, families, and colleagues get a kick out of saving the world, whether this is from a deadly virus or some magical beings from the paranormal realm!

Check our AR Adventures Vermont for a unique experience where you can go head to head with an infinite amount of teams and colleagues.  Great for small or large team building activities in Burlington and beyond.  The great thing about AR Adventures is that they can come to you where ever you are in Vermont.

A walk to discover bars

You can start off on Church Street and then cut through city par to the Vermont Brewery then down the road to Mad River Distillery before heading down the cool art area on Pine Street to sample the delights of Citizens Cider, Queen City Brewery and Zero Gravity before taking a right onto Flynn Avenue to head to Switchback.  If you still have the energy and can walk in a straight line head back along the waterfront path and finish off at Foam Brewers on Lake street.  A great way to walk, be social and enjoy a little summer fun with colleagues.  If you do this on a Friday or Saturday you are likely to come across some entertainment in the form of bands along the way.

A get together at the park or beach

Just want a staff BBQ and a few social drinks in a great setting, may be a few organized activities thrown in?  Then Burlington has more parks and beaches to choose from than you think!  This is a perfect team building activity especially if you want to include the families of colleagues along too!  This could also be the end of the day activity that pulls some of the other suggestions together on this page such as some of the classic activities mentioned below for team building!

It would be rude not to mention….an EscapeTrail!

Well seeing as we wrote this article, we are located in Burlington and we offer a great team building experience obviously you should consider an EscapeTrails experience for a unique team building adventure.  Combine a walk, with a stop at a bar and stretch those brain muscles too as you work together to find the long lost treasure of Queen Lil, save the world from certain destruction or solve the crime that has gone unsolved for far too long.  Check out our Burlington adventures for your next team social or team building activity in Burlington.

Want to organize something yourself?

Below or some great classic team building activities that you could do outside in Burlington.  Normally you would find these being done in a conference room or the grounds of a corporate retreat.  However, with a little thought you could adapt these ideas and have a number of venues and these could be done at anyone of the many great open spaces in Burlington, including the parks and beaches click here to check out the Burlington Parks and Beach options.

Building A Bridge

It is an activity that is ideally suited for a corporate team of a couple of hundred. Each team is required to build a bridge inside the space. The bridge must be built as per the specifications are given by the customer. There will be limited resources that must be earned by the teams by
answering various quiz questions. There will be a time limit and clear instructions. It is a game that requires a lot of project management skills.
An excellent game that can improve communication between the team members. It will also make the participants strategize and plan in the best manner. The teams must cooperate well if they want to finish the construction within the time limit. The company that organizes the
activity will provide the necessary things and deliver them to the venue you choose. You will need a large hall for this activity.

Outrageous Games

This is good for leisurely activities which can be competitive and fun. Various games are devised for those who are not very athletic. These competitions are not very difficult but will certainly need certain skills from the members. What is needed most is to find out the individual skills of
each person and assign the right member for each game if the team wants to earn more points. The games will need a park or a large green area. In the winter months, the activity can be conducted in a hall.

Pyramid Building

This is purely an indoor game that not creates a bond inside the team but also between the teams. Each team will build a small pyramid that will come together with the other pyramids to form a large pyramid that must have a message that can be read clearly. The game organizers can
customize the messages on the pyramids and the final pyramid as per your choice. This game is great as a corporate event that can end in the launch of a new brand that can be seen on the final pyramid. It is a great way to motivate your employees to work for the development of the company.

So whatever you want from a team building activity, whether it is bringing your team a little closer, rewarding them with a nice social activity or to genuinely get them working like a team, Burlington has lots to offer.  But make sure you enjoy the outdoors!