If we ever finally get the chance to explore again, we though we would highlight some of our favorite secret spots of Boston that people often miss!

Every city has certain secrets that tourists find difficult to find. They may be even unknown to the residents of the city. You will need an experienced tour guide or an old citizen of the place to tell you about these spots. Some of them may be better than the best tourist spots. Here are five secret spots in Boston that we are revealing for your pleasure. No tour operator is going to tell you about these lovely spots in the city.


Underground murals Ink Block - Boston

Underground at Ink block in Boston

The Underground At Ink Block

This is a great way to repurpose a forgotten space. The space is an eight-acre park that has everything you need. The place is beneath the tangled mass of the South End/South Boston underpasses. You have bike paths, dog parks and boardwalks fitted into this space. There are over 150,000 square feet of mural works which are the main attraction.


Lucy Parsons books - Boston

Lucy Parsons books – Boston secret spots

A Bookstore to Satisfy The Rebel In You

If you still carry some rebellion inside you then the Lucy Parsons Center is the place you need to check out. This anarchist book store has every anti-establishment literature. The book store was started in 1969 as a Maoist bookstore. They even have a Radical Movie Night every Wednesday.


Bodega Boston

Bodega Boston

Find This Amazing Bodega

It is a secret even many of the Bostonians are aware of. This Bodega warehouse sale on the Clearway in Boston has an awesome collection of footwear. What is even more amazing is that you get three pairs of designer shoes at the price of one. They only conduct these warehouse sales twice a year. They don’t advertise the event and you can only get to know about them from other patrons.



Correy-Hill Park Boston

Correy-Hill Park Boston

A Hidden Park In The Center Of The City

You don’t expect it to be there. Most people don’t and that is there is hardly anyone in this beautiful park smack in the middle of the city. The park on Corey Hill so close to the busy Beacon Street is a beautiful shady park where you can spend a lazy afternoon. You also get a lovely view of the city.

Skinniest house Boston USA

Skinniest house Boston USA

The Skinniest House In The US

The skinniest house anywhere in the US is also in Boston. A feud between two brothers resulted in the construction of this skinny house which is just 10 feet wide and 30 feet deep. One of the brothers built a huge house in most of the land while the other got very little. To block the sunlight from his brother’s land the other brother constructed this tall lean building. You can rent an apartment in this building like any other place.




Well once we are able to explore Boston once again may be you have a few places you want to check out and things to do as you explore once more.  If you would like to explore some of these places then you may find some of them included on an EscapeTrail urban adventure combining the best parts of an escape game, scavenger hunt and sight seeing into one awesome experience.  Have fun, be social and explore the city in a whole new way!