Virtual Escape Game Adventures

Escape Game from your home or office


Fun for all ages. Teams of 2-6 players. 2-infinite teams


You choose where you want to play. Home or Office


A great way to have an adventure with groups of friends.


Find the clues, solve puzzles and bond with your coworkers

How it works

This is a flexible Escape Game adventure! Play and complete your mission by yourself, with a group of friends or compete against each other. You will set your own time limit. We recommend between 90 minutes and 120 minutes although if this is something you want to dip in and out of then you have up to 2 weeks to complete! Simple pricing - play individually or with one team for $25 or want to compete against other teams pay $50 and this will give access to up to 5 teams.

1. Choose and then book your adventure!

Decide which escape game adventure and how many teams then book online.

2. We will send you details

We will send you an email with all the details you need.

3. Play

Ready to play? Then login! We recommend you use a laptop/PC or tablet to give you the best chance to complete your mission.

Operation: Virus 42

Find the deactivation code. Save the world as we know it. And earn the bragging rights as elite freelancer analysts!

Wherever you like!
Do this individually, with a group or compete!