Escape Trails combine the best parts of a scavenger hunt, geocaching experience, and escape games to create a unique, fun and exciting urban adventure!

Whether you are young or old, want to do it with friends, family or colleagues, an EscapeTrails adventure is one to remember. Experience the thrill of adventure, mystery, and intrigue as you become the main characters in an immersive storyline. Put your minds to the test, form deeper connections with family, friends, and colleagues and let the city, your neighborhood, the local park or an entire state become your playground.


Detective Mystery

Become a modern-day Sherlock Holmes as you put your powers of deductive reasoning to the test. Find the clues and solve the puzzles to expose the dastardly villain in this engrossing ‘whodunit’ adventure.

Spy Thriller

Espionage, secrets, and spooks are the order of the day in this intriguing thriller. Uncover a shadowy conspiracy to save the world from certain doom and preserve life as we know it!

Treasure Hunt

The golden age of piracy and hidden treasure has long since passed. But not all that was lost has yet been found. Now that some tantalizing new evidence of a secret stash has come to light, will you find it before your rivals?

Become the adventure’s protagonists as you are gripped by a dramatic narrative that puts YOU at the center of the action.

Your story’s setting? The buildings and landmarks that surround you. The clues are hidden all around for those who have the guile and the determination to find them.

You must rely on your wits, instincts and your ability to work as a team to solve the puzzles and emerge victorious.  You will be guided by our top secret app technology!

Follow the trail wherever it leads you – buses, boats, and trains could all be in play depending what you request. You can decide your start and finish location(s), but you must chart your own course to arrive with the solution to your particular mystery adventure. There is no telling where the trail may lead…

Those who work together to collaborate effectively and harness all of their cunning and adaptability will win the day! Those who do not may be doomed to wander the city alone for all eternity, bitterness and defeat their only companions…

(Only kidding! We’ll provide everything you need to help anyone who needs it, and to make sure everyone gets back safely.)

And once everyone returns all that is left is to celebrate a great adventure, compare notes and celebrate the winning team!

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