Step 1: Choose from our different themed adventures

Are you into spy thrillers and espionage? Or do you prefer detective mysteries? Perhaps you’d rather track down some long-lost treasure?  Or may be you want a classic experience where you find trivia questions and challenges to complete to earn points and be crowned champions! 

Not sure which one will be best for you and your group?  Then just ask and we will give you the benefit of our experience based on what you want to achieve, where you want to do it and the size of the group.  There are also some custom elements to choose from that will make your adventure truly yours!

Fill out the contact form below for more details or to ask any questions.

Step 2: Select how you want the game to be run

We recognize that each group has different requirements and different budgets and want to ensure that we are able to offer an awesome experience wherever you are and whatever your needs while also taking into account sustainability and our carbon footprint.  In the past we have commuted the length and breadth of the country using planes, trains and automobiles.  With technology we feel that we are still able to provide awesome events and still be true to our sustainability values.

So we have three options to choose from with the in person game master option only being available in New England and the state of New York.  Although the self managed and remote game master options being available ANYWHERE!

Self Managed

Run your activity at your own pace.  We will set up the event and then hand it to you to run on the day using your own smartphones.  We will supply all the information and guidance you need to run a successful event.  You will receive all the photos and videos from the event.  Great if you need a little more flexibility on the day or are on a tighter budget.

Remote Game Master

Set up and facilitated by our remote host.  On the day the remote game master will connect with teams via video conferencing to get the event underway and will manage the game remotely.  At the end they will wrap up, announce winners and show a movie from the event.  This is a great option to be sustainable and also is great for the budget.

In Person Game Master

You will have an in person host on the day.  We will bring our iPads to use and the event will be managed for you to provide a professional and hassle free experience.  The game master will provide a face to face introduction of the game, manage the game during play and provide a humorous wrap up with a highlights movie of the event.

Step 3: Book your date and time

After confirming what adventure and how you want the event to be managed you then simply let us know your preferred date(s) and time(s) and we will confirm your booking.

We will then be in contact to ensure we set up your game to your requirements such as the start and finish locations (and everything on between) and if you have selected any custom options we will get the information to add these to the game (company logo, custom questions and challenges).

Step 4: Have awesome Fun on the day

Which ever option you choose everything will be set up and be ready to go on the day to ensure the group will have an awesome adventure that is fun, active and social.

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