Step 1: Choose from 3 different themed adventures

Are you into spy thrillers and espionage? Or do you prefer detective mysteries? Perhaps you’d rather track down some long-lost treasure?


Detective Mystery

Become a modern-day Sherlock Holmes as you put your powers of deductive reasoning to the test. Find the clues and solve the puzzles to expose the dastardly villain in this engrossing ‘whodunit’ adventure.

Spy Thriller

Espionage, secrets, and spooks are the order of the day in this intriguing thriller. Uncover a shadowy conspiracy to save the world from certain doom and preserve life as we know it!

Treasure Hunt

The golden age of piracy and hidden treasure has long since passed. But not all that was lost has yet been found. Now that some tantalizing new evidence of a secret stash has come to light, will you find it before your rivals?

Step 2: Gather your team and head to the starting point

In your booking information, you and your team will get details on the start location and things you might need along the way. Turn up a few minutes before your start time and follow the instructions and receive further information about your mission.

You will receive details of your start location and some of the things you’ll need along the way in your booking information. On the day, you’ll receive further information as necessary.

Step 3: Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and explore the city

Find each clue and solve the puzzles as you weave around the city on an exciting adventure. You might even need to catch a boat, a bus or the subway to stay on the trail and complete your mission!

If you get stuck along the way, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. HQ can get you back on track with just a text or a call. After all, they have eyes and ears everywhere…

Step 4: Complete your mission

Put the clues and puzzles together and find solve the mystery, find the treasure or save the world and complete your mission. Then all that’s left to do is celebrate!