How it works

1. Select your adventure

Decide which adventure, how many teams then book your date with us via the contact form. Unsure what is best? Then let us know and we will guide you.


2. Provide details

Once you have booked and confirm the date and time, you will then provide the start and finish locations, any special details for the event and any content for custom feature you may have selected, so we can set this up (please supply this at least 3 working days before your adventure!).

3. Start your adventure

Our remote game master will video conference with the whole group explaining the game.  They will then manage the whole game and all teams will be able to chat via our app with them.  At the end they will do a wrap up and show the movie of the event.


Get everyone connected in a location of your choice with our Remote Game Master. Boost energy and productivity with challenges that motivate teams to work together.

Set up and facilitated by our remote host.  On the day the remote game master will connect with teams via video conferencing to get the event underway and will manage the game remotely.  At the end they will wrap up, announce winners and show a movie from the event.

This is a great option if you simply do not need an in person facilitator and are happy to use your own smartphones.  Another advantage is that it is great value and a little more sustainable by not having a host travel.

After the event the game master will send you a copy of the movie and a copy of all the photos and videos that were taken by teams.


Your Responsibilities

  • Let us know the start and finish location and any details of custom content you have requested.
  • You will be required to split your group into teams before the briefing (we recommend teams of 4-6 participants). You will also need to name them Team 1, Team 2 etc. so they know which to select when joining the game within the app.
  • The Virtual Briefing and Wrap Up will be delivered by our Game Master via a video conference call and the link will be found in your Joining Instructions.
  • Participants can join individually on their own laptops, or you can display on a screen for everyone to view together. You should identify a designated meeting place (if not the same as the start) for everyone to meet up for the wrap up.
  • Make sure you share the Joining Instructions with all participants before the event which has instructions on downloading the app, and top tips to consider.

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