Do an EscapeTrail anywhere!

Once you have decided on your EscapeTrail adventure we can set it up for you to do wherever you want.

Why be constrained with the location when we can create your adventure to start and finish wherever you like!

All you need to do is simply tell us the start and finish location (which can be the same if you want) and we will do the rest.

Want to do it in the city?  In your neighborhood?  Where you are on holiday?  The local country park or on a trail?  The choice is all yours.

Great for a family reunion, a day out with friends or family or a work social event.  There is no need to travel out of of your way for an awesome adventure the adventure now comes to you!  Whether this is where you live, near a holiday cottage, close to the office or as part of a day out in the city we can locate anywhere you want.

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